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03 May 2012 @ 10:54 am

Well! Long time no post!

Things are going decidedly better compared to my last post.

I got a job towards the end of January, and now I work at an M&M Meats. Still living with my aunt, but hopefully once I get a second job that'll change.

My friend Sam is coming down from Port Hardy today and I'm super excited to see him. It feels like it's been so long since I've had a little piece of home. My Aunt's house is not my home, though I've gotten a bit more comfortable here. My Uncle really, really wants me out of his house. Probably as much as I want to be gone. It was mentioned offhandedly - like it doesn't matter, when it does - that he doesn't consider me family. That kinda hurts, but I'm not that surprised.

Doll-wise, I have barely touched my dolls in months. I've gone to a couple meets (the Sakura Festival at Van Dusen and Mini-Metrotown Meet) but for the most part my dolls have been hiding in darkened corners. I haven't done any miniature-making either since probably February. I feel really bad about that, but I just don't feel like I have the time or inspiration.

At the Sakura festival meet, I got to handle a Dollfie Dream... and I liked it. My interest in dolls has been rejuvenated, and I'm working towards getting a Dollfie Dream Yukino. I got to check one out at the Metrotown meet, which was really awesome. So cool of Robyn to bring her Yukino for me. I almost didn't give her back!

So it looks like I'll be selling Ephriam and Emilia. Possibly Melody as well, but I'm undecided on her. I'm putting out feelers for my Elf Shushu head as well, since I feel really bad about having her in my drawer all the time and never using her. Amy's intersted in Emilia on Ephriam's body, so that just means I need to rehome a Luka Girl. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

04 January 2012 @ 09:45 pm

Last... entry... so... optimistic...

Well things have been going... okay. Still no job, which is super depressing. Today I had an interview that took me 20 minutes to get to and lasted less than 5 minutes. It was for a daycare position, and the lady basically said 'well when you get your responsible adult course finished, let me know.'

I can't take the course without an income, since it's only 2 hours every Tuesday starting Jan 17th until March. But I can't blow an insurance payment without SOME form of money coming in. I've finally made a decision about what career I want to pursue; Early Childhood Education. I like kids. I like hanging out with kids, and it's something that (thinking back) I've always sort-of done. In Elementary School I watched out for my little brother, and used to play pretend with the younger kids. I helped the Special Needs kids. I'm excited about childcare as a career.

If I take the Responsible Adult course, offered by Delta School District, I'll be qualified (after a first aid course) to work with children as a daycare assistant. Which would be awesome since there is a shortage around here, apparently.

But I need a job. And I can't seem to get a goddamned job down here and it's not for lack of trying!

I'm down to about $800 in my savings. Brian says he'll pay me off COMPLETELY on the 20th. Not holding my breath on that one.

*sigh* Such a tough day today.

My birthday is in... 12 days now? 11? Soon. :\ I hope things get better! Someone give me a job for my birthday!

14 December 2011 @ 11:42 pm

Wow. Things have changed SO much!

First and foremost, at the end of November I finally moved to Vancouver. Delta, specifically. My Aunt and Uncle have been kind enough to let me live with them until I can find a job and my own place. I'm scouring the surrounding area for a job, and I've had three interviews but so far no call backs. :( Once I get a job, I can get a roommate and an apartment.

I'm only just starting to miss my Mom. I did support her for awhile, there. But the STUFF to do down here is distracting me enough. I went out to dinner with some of the people from the Vancouver Doll Meet Group, including navinator. It was a vegetarian resturaunt, not normally my kinda thing. Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed it! There was some sort of sweet-and-sourish thing that I was reassured was 'protein'. Quite liked it. After dinner we went to Van Dusen Gardens to see their Christmas Lights. It was colder than I anticipated and despite my two pairs of socks my toesies got cold and did that 'turning white' thing they are prone to. I did learn to carry some cash at all times, especially in Richmond.

I've recently started noticing that I'm eating 'normal' portion sizes, instead of being unable to finish my dinner. My Aunt and Uncle eat very healthy. We're talking low-sodium, multigrain bread and loads of veggies so as a result I've been eating healthier as well. I've never had any problems like anorexia or bulimia, but I didn't really eat a whole heck of a lot before. Ask Navci. XD

When I'm not job hunting, usually taking a break from the computer and reading. I devoured Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series, which I had started reading chronologically before hearing of her passing. Now I'm reading through her other novels, such as the Tower and the Hive series. I did read it when I was younger, but I don't mind.

I've also been working on my miniatures projects, with increasing frequency. I've got my computer desk set up in the basement, and an old desk set beside it. It's extremely convenient to have a dedicated space for my clay supplies. It's also allowed me to work on stuff while hanging out in the Minifee TinyChat. I find it extremely relaxing. ^___^ I've been pretty good at updating my other blog, Adventures In Miniature on a weekly basis since I moved, which I am quite proud of. Must remember to update here more.

Or at least cross-post.

Well since you were so nice and read all this (it's okay if you skimmed, and just skipped to the end) and since it's been so long since my last post, here's some of the miniatures I've been working on!

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29 September 2011 @ 03:03 am

Well so far I have made some food for my dolls, with relative success. I am a bit picky, though. The sticks on the dango are too short for Pukifee hands, and the bitemark on the poptart is on the wrong side.

Still. They look good!

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And more pictures and whatnot at my clayblog; http://adventures-in-miniature.blogspot.com/
15 September 2011 @ 07:48 am
Despite (or perhaps inspite) the fact that I haven't exactly been stellar at updating THIS blog, I've decided to keep track of my polymer clay attempts/successes/failures and related nonsense thusly;

Adventures In Miniature

If there's a way to crosspost from Blogger to LJ, I do not know of it.

Or else I would do that.
07 September 2011 @ 09:22 pm

God, it's been so long since I've written anything! I really have /no/ excuse why I haven't written anything, either. Le-sigh. I'll just try and summarize by month, but everything has gone by so fast that I might not cover everything! Seriously, I'm still trying to figure out how it's NOT still July.

The meet went fantastically, and the whole trip really underlined why I want to move out so badly. Preferably down to Vancouver. There's just so much more to do down there. My Uncle and I went to the Aquarium (I went last year, but my camera battery died and none of my pictures turned out) and spent almost the entire day there, before heading to the Richmond Night Market. The Takoyaki was so good, and this time I tried the meat skewers. The bacon one was my favorite. This time I also tried the honeycomb dessert, which was pretty much a waffle. But my favorite (I think I had like 6) was the little pancake thing with the yummy nutella or custard filling. Next time I'll try red bean!
The doll meet was fabulous and I got a ton of great pics. All of which can be viewed in a convenient Flickr set; HERE. The Roedde House was gorgeous, but with my camera flash broken (read: hasn't worked since I bought it) I didn't get many good indoor shots. The best shots I got were of the girls in their Kirika Dawn outfits (no way in heck I could match a Victorian/Past Era theme, so my dolls had their own theme!) outside around the garden and gazebo. And I finally officially met my dollbuddy navinator

It was called French Toast, but it tasted more like mini doughnuts. DELICIOUS.
In addition to kicking it around Vancouver, part of my goal for the trip was to get up to Kelowna and visit my nephews. I can happily say I accomplished that task! My Aunt drove us from Delta to Hope and we stopped at the Timmy's there for lunch. Which is when I discovered that I DID NOT have my debit card! I totally panicked. Fortunately I was wearing the same capris I had worn to the meet, which happened to have my credit card in the pocket (on the off chance my purse got snatched...) so I was able to buy gas. We carried on to Kelowna - my Aunt was awesome enough to pay for the hotel room - and I got to meet Baby Felix! He's not really a baby anymore (he just turned a year old in August). His big brother Linden reminds me so much of my brother, Brian. We got along great, unlike Brian and I. He and I shared a plate of noodles at the Thai place (first time trying Thai. It's pretty good.) and we even went swimming in the lake! He didn't want to go too deep, though. I don't blame him. The water was hella cold. After that we had to leave. One day was REALLY not enough time to spend visiting with them.
My drive back wasn't a happy one. I didn't want to go. :( And I still really want to go back. I DID manage to get home with about $800 in my savings, which was far more than I expected to return with. I've earmarked it as 'moving out' money. I am determined to have $5000 saved up before I move, AND my credit card paid off.

Honestly, not much happened this month that I can really remember... ICBC screwed me over, and apparently I won't be getting a cheque from them because they applied the discount to my monthly payment or something. So weird! Oh well. I could've used the money.

My Luka and Rheia arrived home from Navci! Oh man are they gorgeous. I wasn't sure about Ephriam (the Luka) initially but he's totally grown on me. His sister just completely overshadowed him at first. And she got a name about a week after the arrival. Emilia. I did quick shoots of them with Aya and Dylan, and then everyone individually. Which only served to remind me that Dylan needs new eyes. The glass ones are just too dark. You can't even tell they're supposed to be green!

But Sophie will be getting her Urethanes in first, along with Emilia's proper-sized eyes. Her ED ones were too gappy, sadly, so I had to sell them and re-order. Then I may get Dylan some Dollshe eyes... I also need to get Emilia some clothes of her own, to match her color theme. So hard to find casual clothes these days, though! And Brennil doesn't have any darker purple colors. Just lavender.
Either August or July I FINALLY got to take over RPing Magneto on my site, XSG. I'm still a bit nervous about handling him but so far things seem to be going well. I'm biased, but I feel like I've done more with Mags in the past month of having him than the former RPer did the whole time she had him.

So thanks to my RP buddy Nao, who is something of a superskilled artist, I've gotten it into my head that I should totally try making some things with polymer clay. Since I can't buy it up here, I had to order some from an art store in Ontario. Honestly, I can't wait for it to arrive! I want to try mking doll-sized eclairs using Snowfern's tutorial, but I should also be able to make cake slices as possible charms for my friend Michelle, who makes her own nickel-free jewelery. I'll definitely have to document how well that goes, so hopefully I'll be posting here more. WITH PICS.

She's going to be running a vendor table at a mini-anime convention in Nanaimo in October, so maybe I'll pop down to visit as well. I'm not sure, since the whole thing looks kinda chaotic and thrown together. Plus I'm not sure if I should take the time off, or where I would stay.

17 June 2011 @ 06:56 pm
So I thought I'd be able to link back to a post in January where I talked/ranted about how my 30% Surcharge with ICBC was supposed to be finished but when I went to renew it I still had the surcharge... but apparently I didn't write about that! Oops!

I went in today, though, to make my before-auto-withdrawl payment and offhandedly asked if they could look up when my surcharge ended. Back in January, I intended to wait until July (because I figured I didn't get the surcharge until we put the insurance in my name, back in June 2008) because I figured that was when it actually ended and I'd just cancel the policy and start a new one without the surcharge. Turns out the charge should've been gone in.. guess!


So my monthly insurance has gone down to $150 per month instead of $250. And they're going to mail me a cheque for the amount I overpaid, a good $500 or so. Which is awesome! 

Only, Canada Post is on full-on strike. Which means all the awesome things I ordered for my swap partner are trapped within their clutches! As well as the eyes and PKF outfit I bought off Kirika. :\ Makes me quite sad. I sincerely hope the strike ends soon!

I'm so looking forward to this trip to Vancouver. I really need a break! I've got about $1,200 saved up, with my vacation pay and 'payday lite' (the payday when I don't have so many bills) still coming up. And July has an 'extra' payday this year so that should make things cake-like! I really don't plan on spending even half of it. I'd really like to come back home with a good amount left in my savings. Unlike last year I don't have a huge list of things I want/need to buy while I'm down there. Just a tea pot, some bras that fit (post-sickness Saryn lost weight and needs 32 instead of 34...), and maybe a Canucks Jersey. Of course, if I go to Kerrisdale Camera while I'm down there I may be tempted by delicious camera gear... Maybe trade in and upgrade? :D

I've decided I'm only taking the Pukifees, Aya and Melody down to Vancouver with me. I was gonna bring Dylan, and the bodies for the Rheia and Luka but that's just too much to carry around! And I'll probably just bring my camera with it's normal lens and without the camera bag...

19 Days!
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13 June 2011 @ 02:54 pm
Oh man I have been so sucked into the hockey playoffs this year it isn't even funny. Even Mom is into it, and she spent years complaining about Dad watching the game when he was alive. I've had her hooked since the Canucks Game 5 against the Chicago Blackhawks. My team is doing so well this year, I'm so proud! The whole flippin' province is proud. ^__^

If we win Game 6 tonight in Boston, we'll win the Stanley Cup. If we lose, there will be another game Wednesday in Vancouver. Winner of that one will win the series, and the cup! Weee!

So because I am almost completely hockey brained lately, pretty much all my other interests have suffered. I haven't played with my adorable new Pukifee, Sophie, as much as I was hoping I would. I just bought two pairs of ED eyes from KirikaDawn to try in her. If they don't work out I can just sell them. (Need light grey or light blue eyes for your PKF girl, sin_overseer ?)

Ephriam and his sister are off visiting Navci and getting their pretty faces done. I hope they'll be ready for the July meet, but after some of the comments made on the Vancouver BJD Facebook group about 'what would you do if you bought a stolen doll' I don't think I'll be bringing their bodies to Vancouver with me. I'll probably stick to the Pukifees, and Aya. Maybe Melody too, that way I can see if any of the local people have YO-SD/LTF sized clothes. She's really lacking in that department, though her Guppykisses casual set is a-freaking-dorable.

I don't PLAN to spend too much down in Vancouver, but I definitely want to get my hands on a Canucks Jersey that actually fits me (instead of the circus tent sized ones I own now!) and maybe check out some new camera equipment. I've been dying for a new lens...
05 June 2011 @ 08:36 am
Holy crap, Doctor Who.
02 June 2011 @ 05:00 pm

Cuuuuute! *froths at the mouth*